The War Within Us

Do you remember being a kid and always wanting the newest and greatest toy, and then after you got it, another even better toy came out? Well, that’s what it was like when I first got Gideon’s album Costs and soon after that I then got Onward To Olympas’s new album, The War Within Us. I thought Gideon’s album was the latest and greatest thing and it was, but only for a week, until I got my hands on a promo copy of this excellent album. I do still love Gideon’s album, though. Well, enough of my ramblings. Onward To Olympas is a metalcore band that is signed to Facedown Records, where they released their national debut ,This World Is Not My Home,in 2010 to good, if not great, reviews.

Onward To Olympas feels like they really mean business on The War Within Us compared to This World Is Not My Home, with Kramer Lowe’s guttural vocals sounding meaner and angrier than before. With the addition of a new clean vocalist, Andy Simmons, I expected something a little different from what they had before. What I didn’t think of was that the clean vocals might be better than the vocals on TWINMH, so boy, was I surprised when I turned this album on and heard some breathtakingly beautiful, clean vocals. Now back to Kramer’s vocals: they sound more serious, anguished, and longing than ever, which just makes them even better.

The breakdowns are more brutal and heavier than what we heard on TWINMH. When I listened to this album, I could tell the band had really planned out what they wanted every breakdown and guitar solo to sound like. Andrew Higgin’s and Andy Simmon’s guitars soar on this album along with a ton of hard-hitting crashes, where it’s like everything is folding in on you. What impressed me the most was how fast paced this album is with Nick Helvey’s drums leading the pace the whole time.

Most of The War Within Us is based loosely on the internal war of good vs. evil and the battles we all have to face. The title track, The War Within Us ” is about how there’s a war being waged inside each of us. “Revealing” really hit home with me by talking about how people are pushing away the only one who can save them Jesus Christ.

“Take a breath and realize this world is falling from the only One we need”

“Hidden Eyes” is about letting go and letting God take control of everything because he already is in control. “Structures” is pretty much saying to the devil that I’m not scared of you because if God is for me who can be against me. The lyrics in this album are well crafted and refined something you don’t see much of in this day and age in the metalcore scene.

Just when I thought that this year couldn’t get any better with Gideon’s album along comes the sophomore release by Onward To Olympas. This album is filled with everything that any music lover adores from awesome lyrics to soaring clean vocals. Onward To Olympas sure out did their outstanding freshman album here and if you’re a fan of TWINMH then you’ll definitely find enjoyment in this album. So if you’re still on the fence about this album after this review I highly encourage you to checkout a couple songs off of this album to see what they sound like for yourself.

5/5 Stars: Excellent Spirit-filled metalcore containing powerful lyrics and all-around great music.

Brian Morrissette