The Truth Will Bring a Liar to Their Knees

I’ve been reviewing way too many metalcore/hardcore bands lately for my own good, so I have decided to review something that is a lighter fare. That’s where Not Even Death’s The Truth comes in. Not Even Death is a female-fronted nu metal band out of Ottawa, Ontario. Not Even Death blends the brutality of Emery with the attitude of some of the first punk rock bands like the B-52’s and Sweet. They even sound at times to have a jazz-blues influence that takes this album to the next level.

The thing that sets this album apart from other female-fronted bands is that the lead singer, Danielle Poisson, screams like a hardcore singer would. That element brings a different dimension to the album. The way her vocals deliver the lyrics reminds me of a female glam-rock or new wave singer like Blondie’s Debbie Harry. What I found cool and unique on this album is how they use a synthy dance beat to keep the songs moving. Another interesting feature of this album is that sometimes they stop being like Emery and take on a harder Queens Club sound.

I hate trying to talk about the lyrics of an album when I don’t have the lyric booklet for the album. I also never feel comfortable about trying to decipher the lyrics because I could turn out to be wrong about them. But I will try my best to sum up the majority of the lyrical content. The lyrics are very in-your-face Christian” lyrics. They range in meaning from getting closer to Jesus to standing up for what you believe.

This album snuck under my radar for months before I found out that it had come out. But boy was I glad that I did find out about this album. On The Truth Not Even Death creates a diverse and never boring musical venture. They were able to combine elements of metal with andlsquo;70s and andlsquo;80s glam rock which made for a unique sound. I would also like to note that this album made my 2010 album of the year honorable mentions. The reasons why it didn’t make my top ten albums of 2010 was because there was a ton of other great albums and that the album was released at the end of the year.

9/10 Stars: This album is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of nu metal.

Brian Morrissette