The Reckoning

Pillars new album “The Reckoning? is far beyond what I had expected. These guys have definitely stepped it up from their nu-metal days. I was expecting to hear some rapping mixed with plenty of down tuned guitars. This album is absolutely incredible. Just by listening to this album, you can just fill the compassion these guys have for music and faith. It’s hard to pick out tracks that stand out on this album, because they are all unique in their own way. The song “Angel in Disguise? is such an emotional song, that it almost brings a tear to the listener’s eyes. The songs “Crossfire? and title track “The Reckoning? are guaranteed to be crowd favorites. Pillar’s new album, shows a huge growth for them musically, as they really seem to have become comfortable with their sound and tighter as a band, showcasing their abilities. There is a song or two that seem to take an influence from the newly resurged southern rock sound. “The Reckoning? is guaranteed to propel these hard rockers to new heights (if it is possible to go any higher). Go pick up this album even if you have never been a fan of Pillar. I know I wasn’t, but I am now kicking myself for not following them a little more.

Guest Writer