The Question

So every since The Weak’s End I’ve been waiting for a new album just as equally amazing and that took music to a whole new level like the first did. But then I thought How can they ever top The Weak’s End.” WOW did they not only show me they could top it but they topped what I could have ever expected. One thing that stands out from the first song through out the whole cd is SINGING. Yes a once forgotten thing of the past that bands used to do. Emery shows that even though a lot of their popular songs from The Weak’s End had lots of screaming in them like for example “Walls” they can still make songs that are amazing with just singing. And trust me they brought the screaming too in #3:”Returning The Smile You Have Had From The Start ” which to me is probably the hardest breakdown they’ve ever had in a song.

The lyrics seem to deal with things spoke of before and things not spoke of before. My favorites would have to be #5:”Left With Alibis And Lying Eyes” this song is just an awesome song you’ll find yourself singing along to and feeling like your on COPS. The more serious songs like #6:”Listening To Freddy Mercury” is THE best song about drama just a little idea for ya the lyrics in the bridge go like this

“Like Gary’s getting drunk to forget Sarah
Sarah’s stealing money from her parents
Aaron’s lying straight to John About Megan
and the things that went on Jessica’s a gossip
Laura’s a slut Derrick hits Bridget Ben deals drugs
Seth spends all his money gambling J
oey stop praying its all the same.

it just really hits you cus we all know friends that fit these characters.

to tie this thing up the only reason i did not give this a 10 was cus i felt that the last song was a bit lacking to finish up such a great album Don’t get me wrong the songs good just not a finisher. I suggest you go and buy it right now now now.

Take Care and God Bless


How do you follow up one of the most amazing albums ever made? By making another amazing album the next year. Emery’s The Question is a true sign that not all emo is bad. In comparison to The Weaks End The Question is a lot more catchier and less sad….but still very emotional. This album isn as good as The Weaks End but maybe that’s only because i’ve listened to it once.

The theme of this album is the question “Where were you when i was…(song title)”. And each song is basically themed after that.

In my opinion the best songs on this cd are Studying Politics Listening To Freddy Mercury and Miss Behavin’. The album ends perfectly with a beautiful song and then a secret song directly afterwards.

On a scale of 1-10 i give this cd a 9. This album is really really good and i think everyone should buy it. But buy The Weaks End first. It’s better. (You can listen to basically half of this album at Have fun.

Guest Writer