The Need to Feel Alive

A little while back I put up the interview I had with Floodgate artist Forever Changed. I conducted this before the album was released and therefore, wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to get. When I got the album, however, I realized this was going to be in my deck for awhile. Forever Changed is hard to describe. Not because they’re so weird, but rather, because they’re so not unique. They’re not emo, they’re not screamo, they’re not soft, they’re not heavy. They just rock, and they’re good at it. When I say good, let it be known, that I mean amazing. This album is, so far, one of the year’s best. The guitar riffs are ridiculous, I dare you to not like the one in, Encounter.” The only way you could resist moving your head to the title track would be not being conscious. The lyrics are incredible. “Great Divide ” for example deals with a parental struggle. This could probably hit home to a lot of people. Other favorites include “Opportunity (We Could be the Ones)” and “Alone.” Unlike some bands this one has delivered a complete album not one whose best songs are in the first five tracks. This album does not slow down. “Alone ” one of the album’s best songs clocks in at song number ten of eleven. I highly recommend this band for anyone looking for a good cd – period.

Guest Writer