The Moon Is Down

The debut album Moon is Down from Further Seems Forever, before Chris Carraba became Dashboard Confessional possesses a sound and an unrecognizable energy that prove Tooth and Nail made the right decision to give these guys a chance.

I accidentally stumbled across Moon is Down on one of my usual music search binges, attempting to find good tunes. I accidentally downloaded the track “Wearing Thin? off, and was blown away by Chris’s voice and the band’s message. Some of us don’t enjoy listening to his sometimes off key whinny voice. For the listeners that don’t care for his vocals listen up: The music is pure, and the songs pump heartfelt sounds that set the band away from all of the rest.

The guitar breakdowns and rifts are exhilarating and to hear Chris try to keep a clean even beat with the rest of the band make Moon is Down a listen. In the song “Monachetti? the lyrics are divine, “empty compliments taken in and brought in full?I feel broken and branded and burning with doubt?? The vocals and changes of beats and quick guitar mutes generate an awesome beautiful rocking sound.

If vocals and lyrics that are fueled with meaning and passion make an album great by themselves; Moon is Down is it.

?Go your own way, I’ll be with you, make mistakes and I’ll forgive you?? This is a Further Seems Forever that we won’t be able to hear again.

Guest Writer