The Healing of Harms

I know I?m probably a bit late on this review, but what the heck, it deserves it. Fireflight’s “The Healing of Harms? just came out of no where, to quickly rise up the charts and take over radio. “The Healing of Harms? takes the best of Evanescence and mixes it up a bit with bit more of a melodic metalcore feel. The vocals are amazing with great harmonies, screams, spoken word and everything in between. Obviously, other musicians thought the same thing about this amazing female fronted rock group as Josh Brown and David Pelsue (Day of Fire and Kids in The Way respectively) contributed guest vocals. Some of the stand out tracks include; Something New, Liar, Waiting and You Decide. 2007 looks like it’s going to be just as big of a year, as they have numerous US, European and Scandinavian Festivals lined up. If you are a fan of artists such as the ones listed above, Foo Fighters or Avril Lavigne, go out and get this album. If you are still skeptical, check them out. You will be impressed. I sure am.

Guest Writer