The Harvest

Throw your bandana on and kick up some dust; this Album throws up some serious breakdowns. From the 2nd track till the last, expect to break something.

Alove For Enemies? sophomore release shows a lot more improvement musically than their EP, “Broken Pledge?. Instead of the repeated song process from the last album (Whole song ” breakdown at end) “The Harvest? puts the breakdowns ALL over. I might be pushing it, but this cd has the best breakdowns. The loudness of the guitars and vocals add to the experience. The vocals are very clear and lyrically this cd is sure to reach out to people. A new addition are gang vocals, quite a bit I might add. But need never fear, they sound great and I enjoy them. The only downfall is the guitars. They get repetitive, but still stay catchy throughout the album. “The Harvest? excels “Broken Pledge? in every way, from song writing, to drums, to vocals and the more awesome so amazing breakdowns. Not to mention is totally radical artwork from Dave Quiggle and the additional cd sleeve.

Guest Writer