The Great Depression

Blindside, Blindside, Blindside, what more can I say about a band who has launched a career out of almost nothing. Who has gained more of a fan base in a year than bands could do in a whole lifetime….well, I can say that Blindside has done it again. They have put out another awesome mind blowing c.d. that wont leave your cd player for a couple of days. Blindside kind of layed low for a while, but came back with one of the best c.d.s of the year. (in my book) The c.d. is packed with awesome guitar riffs, blasting drums beats(and some new double bass), and some slamming bass lines, and last but not least….Christians vocals.

They must have undergone something when he went back to his homeland of Swedan, his voice is now some much more complex and some much more….blindside =). This c.d. is a must, not only is the music good, but the message behind it, the great depression is kind of a theme for the cd, but i dont wnat to give it away….so all in all…this cd is awesome, and that means GO BUY IT NOW!!!! You wont regret it….for fans of old Blindside and new alike….

until next time…

Guest Writer