The Genesis Prologue

Chances are you have never heard of Sons of God, a small indie rock band that has signed to ComeandLive and released their first album, The Genesis Prologue EP. When you think of the indie rock scene, there are two sides: one is happy go-lucky, and the other side is sad and depressing–more thoughtful for sure, but still sad. Sons of God took all the good parts of those sides and made them into their own sound.

The first track on the album is called Doubt ” which gets things rolling with a nice little guitar solo that kind of sounds a little (funny as it may seem) like a Beatles intro.It has a sort of a clapping beat that goes for about a minute and a 1/2 after which the song gets going with the bass and drums pounding while the guitar weaves its way in and out of the background to the front to create a complete tapestry of pure rock goodness.While that is all happening Aaron Newberry the lead vocalist sings about how everybody has their doubts about love grace and people. This song is my favorite song for the meaning and for the original vocals that are sweet but serious by Aaron.

After that is “Manipulators.” This track musically is a little harder than the rest with the rougher and edgy guitars. That sound at times like an Anberlin song that has more of an underground rock twist. At first it starts out with an almost dirty blues-type vibe that slowly builds to a huge climax. With a lot of Aaron’s shouts mixed in with his sweet vocals it makes for a great feel for this record and the blazing guitars on here complement Aaron’s voice well. The meaning of the lyrics is mostly loneliness and how really we don’t think God is even there half the time. The last song on the album named “Caution ” feels like you should be staring up at the stars in the night sky to see the beauty of creation. It is the mellowest song on the EP with Aaron’s soft vocals singing about how the end could be right now. With a nice piano at one point and with the soaring guitar lines it really makes for a warmer feeling song than the rest of the EP. Also if you buy it from them at a show or online you get a bonus song called “Dangerous ” which continues with the same sound that “Caution” started with.

This album shows how diverse Sons of God can be with their beautiful guitars vocals and their incredible meanings behind all of the songs that are heartfelt and honest. The only major problem is It’s too short but in the end the music makes up for that; plus you can download it free at

Brian Morrissette