The Garden

The group sosaveme has been floating around in the indie scene for more than a few years now but have never exploded…that was until they released their latest album The Garden. This effort has garnered attention and praise from music websites like Indie Vision Music Christian Music Zine and us of course! The Garden is sosaveme’s second full-length and their fourth release overall. It is their strongest and deepest attempt yet. This album is not for the light of heart because it deals with some pretty serious subjects. For people who desire more substance in their music this album is perfect.

I had known about these guys for a couple years before they released The Garden so you can imagine how excited I was when I heard they were coming out with a new album. I had pretty high expectations for this album and at first I think they failed them. One day I decided to give it another listen while I was mowing a lawn. I was hooked. It was like listening to the album for the first time when everything seemed to click. I knew right then and there I needed to do a review for this album.

The Garden is an aggressive mixture of indie and alternative rock like Sainthood Reps or mewithoutyou. Nicholas Pidek’s and Justin Ozanich’s guitars scream at times ’90’s rock like Nirvana Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters but still retains an indie rock upbringing. The best examples of this are on “Wake Up ” “Wasteland ” and “Autumn Leaves.” Nicholas Pidek’s vocals are unique and amazing. They really bring out the honesty and realism in the lyrics. It’s hard to compare his vocals because they are so different from everybody else’s style.

The lyrics are incredible on The Garden. “Wolves” is a perfect example of how honest and sincere their lyrics can be: “am I just dirty on the inside and faking what makes me a man am I just looking in all the wrong places to find out who I am.”Like I said before the lyrics can be hard hitting and can make the listener think about what he or she is doing right or wrong.

In all sosaveme takes the listener on a mysterious dark journey with a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. For Christian music this band pushes the boundaries and comes back from the abyss with a great album. I see this as one of the best albums of last year so I’m hoping to hear more and better material from these guys soon. If they keep making amazing music like this they will reach people that they may never have been able to with regular “Christian” music. I”m glad we as a community have gotten behind this band and pushed them on to bigger things.

5/5 Stars: One of the best indie albums of 2011!

Brian Morrissette