The Gadfly

Many years ago (1997) I set out to purchase some dope Christian hip hop. I purchased GRITS first album, then the second cd of this genre to grace my cd player was LPG’s Earthworm album. Now after some years of putting out indie records via their own Tunnelrat imprint, LPG return with their latest (and last collective) project: “The Gadlfy?.

This group has never been about getting bodies moving, rather they want to make you understand their point of view on many matters. After an intro, they drop a remake of “a place called hip hop? of which the original appears on the earthworm lp. They do the song justice as where a lot of rappers do not have the ability to do a good remake of their own material.

There’s not a lot for me to say in the way of “hits? per say, because this is not your average hip pop record. LPG gives us an album that makes us think and gain knowledge or their world with songs like, “Squad Car? and “Respect Due?. I’d say the closest thing “hits? would be, “Never Did I? and “Wackness Like? where producer Dirt brings some “beat heat? for the duo.

I feel good about the album because these guys are real with their lyrics. A lot of times in Christian hip hop, the artists tell you what you want to hear’that IS NOT the case with these guys. They feel they paved the way for Christian Rap as a whole, and are not afraid to tell you about it. They aren’t afraid to say things about their up’s and down’s in this industry. They let you know life is not all peaches and cream. That’s respectable as far as I?m concerned.

At a whopping 23 tracks (intro, outro, interludes included), LPG deliver a beautiful manifesto of thoughts, feelings, and rap-action that, like almost all tunnelrat crew releases, is geared toward your heart and brain-not your right and left feet.

Guest Writer