The Fires Of Life

The moody sequence of piano work that opens this wonderful album should entice any music fan to give the whole disc a spin. Anyone who respects quality songwriting, musicianship and poetry should just buy this album, however if you are still skeptical then keep on reading.

Every once in a while a band puts out an album that grips you with its quality. The Fires of Life is one of those albums. This is indie rock at its best. You would have to buy about five other albums in the over-killed genre of indie rock to equal the quality of this album. The recording of this album is superb.

Most of the songs seem to have been written on a piano and the melodies of each song are easy to find. The structure of each song seems to start out on a quiet ambient note building into a towering inferno of musical bliss.

The drums are very natural sounding. The nice full tone of the tom-toms and thump of the kick drum pair up nicely with the loose pop of the snare drum. The cymbals are very crisp; in fact lots of band out there should take note of how honest the cymbals sound on this album.

The bass guitar tone on this album is nice and full. It ranges from the low end needed to accentuate crescendos and the high end needed during the explosion of the songs. Several times in this album you hear either bass and piano or bass and guitar exclusively during a bridge of interlude, and then you can feel the quality of work being played without the distractions of the albums onslaught of textures.

Guitar work is magnificent as well. Many tones can be heard through out each song. The band has a limited use of “effects? on the guitars that are audible here as the band stays with the clean to dirty (distortion) and back common in most indie rock.

The bottom line here is that Cool Hand Luke is a band who knows how to write songs. This album is powerful from its music, lyrical content, inspiration, and artwork. Any fan of secular bands like The Appleseed Cast, Coldplay, The Fire Theft and Longwave should buy this album.

Guest Writer