The Existence EP

*Re-published under permission of the writer, courtesy of Phantom Tollbooth*

The Existence EP showcases a talented up-and-coming band named Forever Changed thanks to the talent of producer James Paul Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, UnderOATH) . Winser found driving rock undertones, classic guitar to accent the music, and Dan Cole’s magnificently beautiful vocals. The sound of the band brings forward an intense flavor of driving rock with melody. On this EP are three songs: Identical ” talking about two church leaders fighting against each other but being identical “Alone ” telling of circumstances where his friend lifts his head and asks “Where can I go when I’m so alone?” and “Encounter ” which tells how we encounter war in our lives. FC drives home the guitars and drums and provides a background of solid bass with Dan Cole’s vocals and classic guitars to accent the songs at times. The Existence EP takes people on a journey tells a story and will impact whoever listens to it. A beautiful CD that one should seek out and find before FC’s full-length comes out in March of 2005 on Floodgate Records.

Guest Writer