The End Is Near: Consider Yourself Warned

Move over Chasing Victory and watch out Underoath. Consider Yourself warned, the new bad boys of the post hardcore/screamo scene are here and ready to take out anyone in their path. Chattanooga, TN’s Within have hit the scene with their Strikefirst Records debut “The End Is Near: Consider Yourself Warned?. “The End Is Near…” mixes elements of the wildly popular scream/sing vocal patterns with the newly resurged Southern rock/metal instrumentation. At times, the record seems to be nothing but a typical Atreyu or Underoath copy, but there are times when vocalist Casey Whitaker stands out and takes inspiration from the aforementioned bands and mixes them into something a little more original. Two of the stand out tracks includes “In Suffering My Joy is Obtained? and “Rejoice, and Again I Say Rejoice.” Towards the end of “In Suffering??, Within utilize a chainsaw to somewhat create the effect of a horror movie, while “Rejoice. . . ” has guest vocals from two other fine up and coming Chattanooga bands such as With Faith or Flames and Nevertheless. There are only a handful of problems with this release, the first of which is that the vocal work is a little weak, sounding similar to many of today’s bigger artist. The second problem is that it just barely reaches the half an hour mark making repeated listens a little hard to bare. With those problems behind, Within definitely have the potential to grow into one of the genres crowd favorites. Overall, this is a fairly solid album that should sit well for fans of Thrice, Beloved, Thursday and Maylene and The Sons of Disaster.

Guest Writer