The Clearing

When I listen to albums that I think are going to be super good, I usually get let down.This is what happened with The Clearing when I first listened to it. When this happens, I usually have to dislike the album; then by some weird mind trick after about five listens I end up loving or at least liking the album. In the end, I ended up really liking The Clearing.

Sleep For Sleepers is a three (now four) piece alternative rock band from Whittier, CA, that has been making waves in the indie music scene all around the country for a couple of years now. The Clearing was released through Facedown Records/Dreamt Music and met rave reviews that garnered Sleep For Sleepers a good reputation in the musical world of Christian” music.

Musically speaking they sound like a mixture of Number One Gun plus classic rock riffs at different points in the album. The album varies from synthy pop/rock songs that sound like a happy Copeland to full on alt rock tunes that will remind the listener of Anberlin and a tad bit like Switchfoot. Jamey Price’s vocal performance on this album is spectacular–Jamey’s voice reminds me of a more deeper Jeff Schneeweis (Number One Gun) and a little of his own style that I can’t pin down.

As far as lyrics go Sleep For Sleeper has well-thought-out lyrics with deep meanings. On “Bravery” Jamey sings about how women should be treated with respect and that they should demand it. “Twilight” talks about not looking back at the past to keep moving forward. There are so many great meanings behind all these songs that it would take up a whole review to talk about them.

This album proves that there is still hope for a music scene that is saturated with “wannabe” rock bands and synth-laden pop that all sounds the same. There aren’t too many downsides to this album except that the backend of the album is weighted down with to many ballads for my taste but that’s my opinion on it. The Clearing is a diamond in the ruff: if you’re willing to take a chance on it it will reward you in the end and will become a staple of your library. But don’t just take my word for it; try it out for yourself.

The overall rating is 8/10 because of the little hiccups in the album and me just not being able to fully get into this album.

Brian Morrissette