The Bridge

First off let me introduce you to a band called Letter Kills. They are better known in mainstream rock, rather than the Christian rock genre. All five members are believing Christians, but dont want to necessarily be considered a Christian band” due to the fact that they dont want to put kids who could care less about the Christian faith in an awkward position. However their faith does shine through their songs quite evidentily.

Now LK realesed their debut album titled “The Bridge” in the summer of 2004. It starts of with the song “Lights Out” which could get any Christian pumped up with words such as “As long as we can sing we’ll sing for you! Dont wait for tomorrow raise your voice tonight! This hate is buring so lets watch it die”. Throughout the album are songs talking of faith and relationships. Their style is fairly unique some call them emo some classic rock(an AC/DC type) some have even called them screamo but the one i think fits them most is the term “punk and roll”. The first single off the album “Dont believe” could best show this style of music as it talks of mans flaws and how we can continually let God down.

Overall this cd is one of the best ones i have purchased this year. I’d give it a 9/10 just because sometimes it may seem a little repetative but without a doubt this is an awesome cd. Though you proboly won’t find it at a Christian book store i get more out of this cd then i do some CD’s that are more popular in the Christian rock scene. If you have some extra cash around go buy this cd! You won’t regret it!

Guest Writer