That They May Know You

Haste the day – Why isn this band signed?!?!?!

These guys have turned many heads and have developed quite a following with they’re first and independent release. From start, being released by the band personally, to present, being distributed by Facedown Records, This album has been hitting site after site as pick of the month” feature.

This album is a mix of chaotic hardcore and emotional style acoustic/rock songs. Screaming and prefect pitch singing for vocals talented and fast drums. Powerful guitars and the occasional bass solo.

It’s quite the transition to listen to “As Lambs” (a song of pure chaos double kick pedals ripping thru the speakers) to “Autumn” (a song with slow hand percussion instead of regular drums acoustic guitars and pure singing.) For those of you who for some reason cant appreciate a band hitting the soft side this album is not for you.

Haste the day seems to have no fear in being as real as they can with their music. Whether It’s heavy or soft they put their hearts into it 100%. That’s something I really like about this band. Im sure they have some label offers rolling in as you read this im thinking maybe SolidState?

Criticism: The guitars tend to sound like all those other bands. ¬†You know what I mean. This is a problem with hardcore now a days. If It’s going to stand out from the mass it has to be done in a special way that catches attention. I can say that this band has accomplished this in some parts of the album but not in others. However the emotion put into the lyrics separates them from most of the rest. Pick up a copy and give this band some support.

Guest Writer