Tales of the Knife

Lets just say Canadians do know how to rock!” For awhile my CD collection was lacking something I got bored fast. I needed something quick. Lucerin Blue filled that void.

Lucerin Blue’s debut album “Tales of the Knife ” offers something new. Not only is this CD lyrically solid but these guys are killer musicians as well. I can tell by listening to the disc that these lads have quite the whide variety of influences. “Game ” the groups opening track creeps its away through your speakers with a haunting piano intro then slips into an agressive song that contains melody screeching screams and powerhouse musicianship.

Now getting back to the lyrics. I must say these guys can write as well. “Off The Mark ” is such a great example of this ability. The song talks about crying out to GOD when in need of his help and guidance (which I think we have all been in this situation).

Overall I am in love with this CD. I have a feeling that this will be in my CD player for quite some time. If you are looking for something new and just unique then I strongly urge you to pick up this disc.

Guest Writer