Extol’s new experiment, this time It’s into the territory of thrash. Alienating some of the fans of their old stuff, but gaining more respect for their ability to rapidly change music forms from album to album. Extol has created a strong showing into one of the faster, more progressive parts of the hard music world. Making fans of speed induced heavy music drool and fans of slow, somber, and dark music a little dissapointed at the direction of this album. Plenty of pure instrumental speed and christian based lyrics, and drums that just won’t stop throughout the album thanks to one of the best intricate drummers in the world, David Husvik. Even though I’m a fan of their old stuff and was dissapointed to hear that their new stuff is thrash, I’m completely liking this new album chocked full of pure energetic thrash. Now smile, enjoy, and just let the crazy speedy energy capture you into the lord’s mosh pit. Party on dudes.

Extol is a christian hard music band from Norway.

Guest Writer