Summer of Darkness

I’m a little surprised this CD hasn’t been reviewed yet, since Demon Hunter seems to be one of the better known Christian acts these days.

Demon Hunter is an interesting band. Formed out of the ashes of Training For Utopia, Demon Hunter is fond of combining very heavy verses with a poppy, catchy chorus. It’s something you Don’t see that often, and it doesn’t sound like it should work; it does.

One thing that pushes this album into higher ground than It’s contemporaries is the guest vocals, featured on three different tracks. The performances from The Agony Scene’s Mike Williams (on Beheaded), Killswitch Engage’s Howard Jones (Our Faces Fall Apart) and 36 Crazyfist’s Brock Lindow (Beauty Through the Eyes of a Predator) give those three songs an extra edge that makes them stand out in the midst of an already solid CD.

Summer of Darkness is a marked improvement over Demon Hunter’s self-titled effort. The musicianship is more impressive, the vocals are better, and the production is clearly more extensive. The crunching rythms and catchy hooks will have you bouncing your head almost immediately. From the opening track (Not Ready to Die) to the last (The Latest and the Last), It’s an easy listen from a very talented band.

Best Track: Beheaded

Guest Writer