Suffering of the Masses

This album is totally raw hardcore. To this day it stands apart from all the other thousands of hardcore albums. It has a special quality, something that made everyone love it. I would have to say that Focal Point’s only release is responsible for bringing many people to become fans of the hardcore genre. It was my first christian hardcore” buy. It made me realize that “christians” have very brutal material unheard in the mainstream or underground. Released back in 96 rumor has it: The band broke up the day after it came out. Even though Ryan Clark(guitarist) went on to form Training For Utopia and now fronts Demon Hunter we still lost a great band.

Deception is my favorite track off of this classic. It contains a poem that I love:

As I pass through rising judgment make speculations about my life

Make yourself believe that what you think is what’s real and you still pass judgment.
When your alone I know just what you think and I hope the silence makes your ears ring.


Guest Writer