Subtle Deception

Ok, I?m going to step out of my heavy metal/ hardcore box here and give you a little something different. The hip hop realm of music is definitely not my forte, but I figured I would give it a shot when I opened the package sent by APX. “Subtle Deception? by the up and coming rapper APX is to my surprise a really good album. First off, you may be wondering what APX stands for; well it stands for All Purpose Experience, which is what you get when you listen to this album. The lyrics are some of the most spirit filled I have heard in all of the Christian music industry. The beats are extremely catchy. I would catch myself bobbing my and tapping my hands and feet to every song. If APX wasn’t so blatant with his lyrics, I would think this was just another typical artist seen on BET. He throws in several references to partying, “Bling? getting Crunk and numerous secular rappers. This is all good on his behalf, because it will help from secluding secular listeners, while also inviting those who only listen to Christian music. Among all of the highlights on this album, there are a few low points, but this may be due to my untrained hip hop ear. After listening to “Subtle Deception? for a while, many of the beats seem to feel repetitive, but like I said before, this is a giant step out of the box for me. In conclusion, I highly recommend this album for anyone looking to expand their music collection and try something a little different.

Guest Writer