Addison Road is a four-piece pop/rock band out of Dallas, Texas. They released their INO national debut in March of 2008. They released their sophomore album, Stories, on June 22, 2010.

Addison Road is actually a band I honestly never saw myself listening to. I always thought this was some pop girl band that would do well at radio but wouldn’t be anything special. Let’s just say that all my prior thoughtsabout the band were false other than they are doing prettywell at radio. I will now proudly say I own both of their albums and really enjoy both of them.

One thing that allows me to easily dive into Addison Road is their uplifting messages that show a passionate love for Christ. All these songs I see as not only great encouragement for the band members to hold onto their faith but also for each and every single one of us to do the same. I love the fact that each of these songs expresses the message that no matter what trials or struggles we go through every day, God will be with us each step we take, all of this spurred on by Addison Roads great mix of heartfelt ballads and pop/rock tunes.

Along with the band’s great messages is the fact that they have someone spectacular to sing them. Jenny Simmons is one of my favorite female vocalists in Christian music. You can feel every emotion she is trying to communicate in these songs, and you just get absorbed by her vocals. She has a very powerful and beautiful voice, with a good range too. Her voice reminds me a little of Dawn Richardson’s (Fireflight), with the same amount of emotion and passion,yet she doesn’t have as much of an edge to it.

My absolute favorite song on the album and probably by the band would have to be the first song and single, Fight Another Day.” This was a great choice for the radio single because it is easily the most upbeat track on the album. TobyMac wrote this song but it works perfectly for Addison Road. It also has a very relatable message and one that has stuck to me like glue; part of that could be that this song has one insane hook in it. This song’s message is that when things go wrong in life you shouldn’tlet that keep you down but instead find strength in Christ and he will help you fight another day. The chorus says it best so check it out:

And do you feel the fire when the flame gets hot/Are you living every day like It’s the last you got/Will you step aside when it all falls down/And watch it burn away/Have a little faith when the walls cave in/Pray for strength to fly against the wind/Will you walk away when the fire gets hot/Or fight another/Another day yeah/Another day yeah

Another highlight on the album follows this track right off the bat the track “Change In The Making.” This song slows things down a little from the first track. It also has a great message about how God continually works in our lives to make us something greater that through Christ we are getting closer to who he means us to be. Check out the chorus:

This is redemption’s story/With every step that I’m taking/Every day you’re chipping away/What I don’t need/This is me under construction/This is my pride being broken/And every day I’m closer to who I’m meant to be/I’m a change in the making

“This Little Light Of Mine” has a chorus we should all be pretty familiar with just as a slowed- down track. I like how the band communicates through this song that whatever comesat you in life to keep that light shinning. “Won’t Let Me Go” is a fun upbeat track that ties in well with the previous messages of how Christ will never let go no matter what you go through. “Need You Now” is the true ballad on this album and is another highlight. I’m probably going to kill the term highlight with this album because there are a few too many good songs that I could probably call them all highlights.

“Show Me Life” and “Don’t Wait” are two tracks that show off the band’s pop/rock sound quite well. The latter has quite a bit of synth to it which different from the band’s usual sound but it works pretty well. “Where It All Begins” and “Who I Am In You” continues to sport this trend of upbeat pop/rock songs. While this doesn’t really help with variety they do all sound great and with different messages this isn’t really that big of a complaint. “My Story” is a great track about not focusing on making the story of life about us but that we have great opportunity to be a part of God’s story. This is the perfect way to wrap this album up.

Generally I typically would be listening to something louder and heavier but when I need something a little more laid back Addison Road would be one of my first picks. They play a solid arrangement of pop/rock perform some incredible vocals andoffer some very genuine and honest lyrics to go with it. For a follow-up album Addison Road did a great job. The production seems to have refined the songs some more and each instrument including vocals getits prime spot. Along with that the band continues to do what they did right on their debut: delivering another batch of great songs. So all Ihave to say here is that if you like some fun pop/rock tunes with some very encouraging messages you should pick this up.

Guest Writer