A few years ago I had heard some mp3’s of Staple and I liked them a lot. I was anxious to hear how their debut CD for Flicker Records would sound. I was not disappointed with this CD.

Musically Staple has progressed a lot from their previous material. They play very well together and you can tell that they practice a lot. When listening to this CD you get a sense that this is a very unified band and that there are no rock star mentalities taking place.

The overall production of the CD is pretty good. I wouldn’t say that It’s the best, but It’s definitely good. The mix is very clear which makes it easy to listen to. There is not too much low end or too much high end.

The lyrical content is excellent. Topics range from faith in God, hypocrisy, truth and dealing with other people. Singer Darin Keim definitely has a good writing style, as these are some of the best lyrics I’ve heard in a while.

The songwriting on the album is a typical verse, chorus, verse pattern. However, there are some occasional breaks from this pattern such as pre-chorus’s, bridges and the occasional breakdown. However, most of the songs are very predictable.

As far as the individual instruments they rate as follows:

Drums: Average. They are not too hot in the mix, which is a good thing, but the kick tends to get lost sometimes. The cymbals are nice and crisp and add to the overall dynamics. The snare is nice and loud.

Guitars: Average. They are up front in the mix, which is good since this is a guitar driven band. The tone is pretty decent, but I’ve heard it before from other bands.

Bass: Average: It could be hotter in the mix because it tends to get lost behind the guitars.

Vocals: Excellent. The vocals are in the very front of the mix, but they Don’t overshadow the music.

Overall this is a pretty good CD. I would recommend it to fans of hard music, but it probably wont take with hardcore or metal kids.

Guest Writer