Split Series Vol. 1

Split Series Vol. 1 is released by Blood and Ink records and is a split ep of Stars Are Falling and Skylines. Stars Are Falling has the first four songs and they really set it off. The guitars go from a very melodic form to intense breakdown feast. The vocals keep up with the guitars, when its melodic the screamer changes his form to suit the style but when the breakdown comes he just goes off. Lyrically, it is poetry set to music, about his personal life I assume. SAF set themselves apart from the Metalcore by their sheer passion and intenseness while yet still bringing a melodic nature to their music.

Skylines have somewhat alike style as SAF. Skyline is more brutal, and not as melodic as SAF. They still bring a good punch though. First thing I noticed when I listened to them was the vocalist. His scream is very different, my friends and me kind of poked about how he is throwing up? Some may not like it, but after a listen it’s cool. The guitar has some Norma Jean style in there, and bunches of breakdowns. On their second track, is a neat choir solo that transition into a nice instrumental at the end. The disappointing thing about Skylines? 4 tracks is that their Third track is an instrumental track. I mean you got 4 tracks, and you put an instrumental in there.

Overall this is a good cd, and for 8 bucks it is a good buy. I prefer SAF a little more than Skylines, but they both are very good bands in their own nature.

Guest Writer