I was introduced to this wonderful band by a friend who only likes his music loud, fast, screaming, and grinding. We were rolling out of his hood one day in his blue car and he put this record on for me. At first I was shocked that he liked this band, but after the first song was over I knew why. He had missed most of the early nu-metal bands so I don’t think he heard all of the influence it had on Trauma.

The vocals on this record are intense. There is not much to them really, just a man who sounds really upset and feels the need to scream about it. I love the raw energy that brings to the fold. There is a guest appearance by a female vocalist on the last track, “Wake Up Before You Die?. This was an unexpected surprise, and will catch everyone off guard.

Bass guitar pretty much holds down every song. I think the bass work on this record is wonderful. The tone that you hear thunders through you straight to your soul. It almost seems like an extension of the tension the singer is throwing at you. This is some punishing bass that completes the album.

Guitar work is where things get even more engaging. The controlled chaos on the fret boards is outstanding. The guitarist on this album work very closely with each other to produce two separate sounds that stray from each other, while staying with each other. It is a true listening experience that everyone must hear. As far as the guitar tones goes, they are tuned down and sound ever so chunky.

Drumming is loose and raw as ever. Do not be mistaken by the word loose, as I am not talking about sloppy “loose? by any means. I am talking about loose as in fluid, free flowing, and hard hitting. The drums are recorded wonderfully and drive each song right into the next track.

Many records come along and get overlooked because people peg them into one genre or another. This is one album that breaks new ground as it is so crossed up in different styles it is almost impossible to pigeonhole. The in your face vocals, chaotic guitars, thundering bass and driving drums make for some crazy breakdowns. With all of that and the underlying root of nu-metal heard throughout the record you are sure going to be guessing where the band is heading on each song.

If you like bands such as Papa Roach, Deftones, Powerman 5000, Travail, Demon Hunter and the mighty Project 86 you need to buy this album. Many other influences can be heard throughout but these bands are mixed into the foundation of each song in one form or another.

Guest Writer