Ah I’ve just got to say it. Coolfield’s a really good artist. His music’s unique, which is actually quite hard to find nowadays, so much music just sounds like a rehash of songs made before. But Coolfield wrote some brilliant songs, one of the first albums in which I have liked all the songs. All the songs had a sweet rhythm, and a brilliant voice to compliment that guitar rhythm. So many songs from ‘amazing’ artists just sound like they made a few guitar riffs and a few words and slapped them together. But however diverse the words and guitar rhythm can be in Coolfield’s songs, they both seem to compliment each other so well, resulting in a brilliant song. This is a formula that he’s applied to many songs. I really suggest that anyone who hasn’t listened to Coolfield’s latest songs, does so, straight away.

If you Don’t I’ll throw a muffin at you.

Guest Writer