Show Me How To Love

Anyone that has been involved with ministry knows that there is no job greater” than the other in the Kingdom of God. Iandlsquo;ve heard it said that you can pass through more doors as a servant than you ever could as a master. I believe this to be true because when people truly Love they are able to humble themselves to the greatest lengths. A humbled heart is where some of the most beautiful worship begins.

Some of the most amazing ministers pastors worshipers and evangelists I’ve known could tell me the most interesting stories of times they cleaned toilets in the church or helped the youth pastor on youth nights. Each one had served God in some positions that people would call a waste of time too stressful or even embarrassing. Yet years later it always seems to be those same humble people that really understand what worship and the Love of God is all about.

There are few things greater than people that are genuinely humble and kind people like those in this band. While I didn’t get to speak to each member from just a few e-mails I got the feeling that this is one of the nicest groups of people you could ever be involved with. Based out of Silverdale Washington The Exchange is a band that’s serious about worship and Loving others.

Show Me How To Love their first recorded project has got to be one of the strongest starts Iandlsquo;ve heard in a while. I am reminded of bands like Fee when I listen to The Exchange. Not that the artists sound similar but they bear a similar sort of passion and excitement. Just as with Fee I have a feeling this band offers the same real experience and atmosphere during live performances that exists in their recordings.

For these reasons I suggest everyone get used to the names Mikey Moore Britt Espinosa Jack Espinosa and Gregor “Finn” Uvila. I believe that in the future their names may be heard a lot. It’s not that they are fame-seekers or playing for selfish gain; on the contrary these guys genuinely carry a mission in their hearts to Love others and glorify God.

“You Are Good” is the title of the opening track and theme of some of the greatest songs I know; now I can add this song to that list. The song is full of energy and a sound that kind of makes you want to dance. I admit even though I was already in a great mood this song lifted my spirit in the first few seconds of listening. It is such a great praise song lyrically and bonus it sounds amazing.

My favorite track may be “What I Need.” It engages the listener with its ascending intro and skillful arrangements. Every instrument is so present and well played in this song that it’s a joy to listen to. The chorus embraces some of the most basic yet profound lyrics:

Show me how to Love/Show me how to live a life in truth/What I need is You/Show me how to care/Show me how to see like You do/What I need is You

“Beautiful King” serves as a great closer to this four-track EP with words showing how brilliant God is and how beautiful He is in comparison to ourselves–“You are my source for everything/You are my light when I canandlsquo;t see a thing/You are my strength in the weakest of times/You are everything/Youandlsquo;re my beautiful King“–proving each song to have its own identity that showcases the talents vision and potential of the band.

These songs are more than words for the very young members; they are the songs of their lifestyle. The Exchange not only worship the Lord in song but they serve wherever they can. Being involved in ministry within their churches and community you may just as quickly find one of the members vacuuming the floor of a church as you would see them playing music before a large crowd.

The fact that each member is under the age of 20 and that they have been a band for about a year makes this project that much more remarkable. True worship leaders in their community and committed friends I see a bright future for The Exchange. I look forward to the music that is to come; for now I suggest you check out their EP on Amazon MP3.

Be blessed.

Guest Writer