Shadows Are Security

No one does metalcore like AILD. This cd is for sure the best metalcore album of the year and I’ll bet you’ll be hearing a whole lot about it. This cd is metalcore done right, with great guitar parts and sweet double peddle thats not just in break downs. The guitars in Losing Sight” are stinken sweet and bring a new area of greatness into their music. The guitars are what make this album I think compared to Frail Words Collapse where a lot of the music was focused around the drums.

Its cool to see them still strong in what they believe and the trials they’ve been through that show through they’re lyrics. Like in the song Confined-

“How quickly I forget that this is meaningless
in a world passing through my fingers
I still chase the wind what I learned from yesterday.

As christian I believe too many times we fall into our own repeated sin and forget how meaningless it felt the first time and how this world will never be anything worth having in the end.

AILD realy did a good job at not following the trends that come in the metal and hardcore scene and also by not repeating a good thing like Frail Words Collapse. This album is going to be making headlines in all the metal hardcore and anyother underground magazines. It’s out now and you can get it at their online store and a t-shirt for only $23 dollars.

Guest Writer