Ark of the Covenant is the newest band on Facedown Record’s sub label, Strike First Records. Ark of the Covenant’s musical style fits into hardcore genre moderately well. Like most new bands now, Ark of the Covenant’s first major label release is an EP entitled Separation. On Separation Ark of the Covenant brings a sound that reminds me of former label mate Impending Doom’s gorship style.

Alexander Vincelette’s low guttural screams remind me of See the Light’s vocals, as do his or Daniel Graves high-pitched screaming trade offs. I really enjoyed the high-pitched screams because I’ve never heard that high-pitched of screams off a hardcore album before. Alexander’s vocals are great but average in the way that they sound like most hardcore singers. This album’s musical side is filled to the brim with chugging chaotic breakdowns which will make most hardcore fans ecstatic. On the last song “Separated ” they end the album on an admirable worshipful note. This song also breaks up the flow of the album and ends this EP on a grand level.

This year Facedown Records hasn’t gone wrong and this album will definitely not end that streak. Separation with its powerful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics will keep any Christian hardcore fan extremely happy. Ark of the Covenant is one band that you should keep your eyes and ears on in the coming years. This EP is definitely worth picking up if you’re looking for a new album to tide you over until Impending Doom releases a new one.

31/2/5 Stars: While this album isn’t the most groundbreaking effort ever I don’t think that’s what Ark of the Covenant was going for. What I think it does do it does it well and that’s to entertain the listener.

Brian Morrissette