Sending You Strength

2007 is starting off to be a great year for Facedown Records. They have signed some amazing new bands, most of which have releases coming out within the next few months, and one of those new amazing bands is Means. “Sending You Strength” is a great album, quite possibly one of the best so far for 2007. Coming from Canada, (the country that has brought great bands such as Into Eternity, Comeback Kid, and Protest The Hero among others), Means is ready to announce there ranks in the Canadian metal surge. Means’ Facedown Records debut incorporates metal, hardcore and screamo influences ala Beloved and Misery Signals. Their music is polished with intense breakdowns and gang vocals, while also providing beautiful melodies and singing vocals. If I had to pick one stand out track, it would have to be “Cadences”. It starts off with a melodic piano intro with an eerie nearly undistinguishable whisper, before jumping into the atmospheric guitar work and pounding drum rhythm, which later give in to gang vocals and melodic singing. It encompasses everything that this band is about. “Sending You Strength” is a very strong debut release, which is bound to propel Means into non-stop touring, making them a band you can’t help but notice. Go pick this album up March 6, it will surely be an album you will not want to take out of your cd player.

Guest Writer