Demon Hunter – Self-Titled

“I will stand and fight to justify what you have bled and died to justify..”

A very powerful statement from a very powerful band.

Originally formed by “the Clark brothers” (focal point training for utopia) comes one of the most talked argued and fought about bands. At first not releasing any band member names claiming: “We are all Demon Hunter” caused this band to become very popular in a very short amount of time. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Soon after hearing the self-titled debut release people began to realize that this bad is no joke. Demon Hunter originally contained the drums of Jessie Smith (Zao). Before the cd was recorded Jessie dropped out causing Demon Hunter to get a better more powerful drummer.. “Sprinkle”.

Starting off the cd with “Screams of the Undead” one of the most powerful songs I’ve ever heard. Mixing all the elements of Rock this nu-metal song is brilliant. Front man Ryan Clark puts forth amazing vocal effort screaming lyrics that are so heavy and deep. Singing chorus adds extra interest to this powerhouse which ends with an amazing hardcore twist.

Using samples backwards guitar riffs the sounds of a thousand wild horses and total control over the elements turns Demon Hunter’s Self-Titled Debut a classic hit!

Criticism: There are 2 80’s rock songs with very depressing lyrics and overall feel. I usually always flip past these tracks. However I love this album and am looking forward to the next release: “Summer Of Darkness”.

Guest Writer