Ever since vocalist Dallas Taylor parted ways with Underoath, I have been increasingly antsy about the release of Maylene and The Sons of Disaster. At first I was a little surprised at this direction the band went, but being from the South myself, I couldn’t help but love this.

The album begins with a punch; Dallas has this raspy voice and a breakdown that blows you away. Not even the other ‘southern-core? bands rock like these guys. The guitars have this Southern motorcycle riff going on, it blows me away. The breakdowns usually include a “Yeah!? or a “Ha Ha Ha? (seriously, he laughs, but like a taunting laugh) the drums beats are ridiculously catchy, also the double-kick is not over used. This album is the South in a nutshell.

Dallas Taylor has always written great lyrics. In fact, a lot of his lyrics have personally influenced me. Maylene does not slack at all with great lyrics. Like past work, a lot of the lyrics seem based on personal experiences. Hell on the Rise seems to talk about our upcoming youth. “Whores with halos, wishing for wings, the children yearning for their disease.”

Maylene and The Sons of Disaster is outstanding, the best ‘southern-core’ cd to date.

Guest Writer