Satellite Kite

Beautiful Eulogy is a Portland, OR based rap super group. Some of the names involved are Braille, Courtland Urbano, and Odd Thomas. Rap usually isn’t my forte, but I saw that this album, Satellite Kite, was up for free on Humble Beast Records. I thought that I would try it. I was already a fan of Braille, but I didn’t expect such a laid back record that is indie rock meets rap. The music is close to that of John Mark McMillan’s with signature beats from Courtland. This is classic Northwest music and makes me immediately think of the rainy winter days around here, especially in Portland.

The switch between rappers complements the music well because it brings a unique, personal spin to each song. The vocals never get old. Right when you are getting used to one they are able to switch it up. On the song Anchor” Josh Garrels makes an incredible appearance. Other notable artists that show up on this record are Catalina Bellizzi Propaganda and Lee Green. The collaborations on this album are amazing. Urbano nails and frames each rap/vocal performance perfectly. I have enjoyed Courtland’s work on his instrumental album and on Braille’s latest album Native Lungs.

The lyrics are like Psalms to the heart. They flow so beautifully and cuts right to the heart. They are honest and vulnerable. The lyricist really put themselves out there. They really hit home to this reviewer. I found myself not only convicted but worshiping God at the same time. Some of the best lyrics I’ve heard come out of rap music.

Beautiful Eulogy starts out with a bang on Satellite Kite. It is probably the best rap record of last year. The album not only is original but pushes boundaries so far that it is hard to put it into a genre. I love music like this. I hope they continue to collaborate and maybe this type of music will catch on. I certainly know that it easily relate to a person from the Northwest because I can go that is our type of rap. Unique to this area it isn’t the normal Lecrae or Tobymac. This is something new something cool something worth listening to.

4 1/2 /5 Stars: Amazing album! Plus it is free!

Brian Morrissette