Put on your gym shorts, grab your bandana and get ready to dance all night, well, at least for about 33 minutes. “Resistance”, the follow up to Alove For Enemies “The Harvest” is chocked full of brutal breakdowns and dropped tuned chugging riffs that make you want to spin kick and “weed pull” (or whatever name you have for it) your way through the pit. With lyrics about being let down and being redeemed, “Resistance” is in essence a record of humanity and our battle with faith. While the album has its strong points, the most of which being the lyrical content, it is rather repetitive and generic. Along with just about every band out making music right now, the breakdowns are highly overused. It would be fun if they were used sparingly, but it just gets old and monotonous after the first 3 or 4 songs. But then again, if you are a fan of breakdowns in every song then this album is for you. This album is a must have for fans of War of Ages, Hatebreed, NIV or any other tough guy hardcore.

Guest Writer