If Blood Works Records? first signing Thyne Scabbard is a glimpse of what’s to come, then I am ready for more. Thyne Scabbards? release of “Redemption? is a full on blast of no frills metal. They have it all, shredding, breakdowns, growls, and group chants. Thyne Scabbard is what the Christian metal scene has needed. A band that is not afraid to be blunt and open with their lyrics. Just one look at the song titles will explain exactly what I mean; “The Decapitation of Fallen Angels? and “A Demon Bloodbath? need I say more? The lyrics are all about life’s temptations and how you need to keep pressing on. These guys could easily hold their own against many of today’s metal bands. These guys can be a good replacement for the short lived Mortal Treason. Blood Works Records sees something powerful in this; hopefully the rest of the music world will catch on.

Guest Writer