After Hands’ beautiful release last year I thought their popularity would only increase. Sadly they ended up breaking up earlier this year. Shane Ochsner (front-man of Hands) trekked on and came up with this two-song release Red. He is calling his new band Everything In Slow Motion. While these two songs are reminiscent of Hands Shane keeps moving forward embodying a hard progressive rock tone. I loved Hands’ last album so I was absolutely stunned by the awesomeness found in these two songs when Red was released.

Everything In Slow Motion’s first ever song “Red ” takes on how this world is broken and the only way it is going to get fixed is through The King. EISM sounds similar to A Hope For Home so long forgotten and Holding onto Hope. “Red” is more full throttle passionate than control and produced. I personally like it that way because it shows the listener who is really behind the music. On “Exospere” an ambient rock flavor appears similar to Deadhorse or Shapes Stars Make. Shane’s unique vocals are showcased on this song. His vocals aren’t the best though and are sometimes a bit rough. Regardless the music and incredible spirit found on this little record are amazing.

This an awesome new band from Facedown Records. I hope to hear more than just two songs from them and soon! This two-song EP is well worth the two bucks or whatever it is going to cost you. While it is a downer that Hands broke up at least we have Everything In Slow Motion and the group Glower with Hands’ other band-member Josh Silbernagel . Redis definitely in the running for the best new rock EP/album of the year in the Christian scene.

Get Red!

Brian Morrissette