First off it has been awhile so if I’m a little rusty so give me grace. I haven’t sat down and reviewed an album in a long time. It seems kind of weird to be doing this again, but then God does like to put us in uncomfortable places. I still feel like God has something in store for That is why I’m going to continue to write and review. I guess it couldn’t hurt starting things off with a bang, which is exactly what Family Force 5 Reanimated does.

Family Force 5 along with Disciple were the main bands that got me into Christian music back in the day. Sometimes I still think they are some of the only bands that give me hope for the genre. With that aside though, Reanimated is quite possibly Family Force 5’s best work even if it wasn’t really done by them, but are mostly remixes. The album does include two new” songs in “Chainsaw” and “Phenomenon”. This is also the last album that will feature “Soul Glow Activatur” (aka Solomon Olds) as lead singer. At least he went out with a bang. “Chainsaw” which along with “Cray Button” is probably one their best songs by far with catchy lyrics and fun dance music beats. “Soul Glow Activatur” will be missed in their sound for sure.

The remixes on this album are a lot stronger than the ones on “Dance or Die with Vengeance”. They feature more fast-paced dub-step style beats without being to annoying unlike “DoDwV” were everything seemed really slowed down. Though this album does know how to slow the beats down and make a nice danceable ballad. Those songs are “Wobble (Smile Future Remix)” and “Put Ur Hands Up (Davis Harwell Remix)” among others. While the songs were already strong coming in off of their album “The Third” the remixes just made everything better.

Well it felt nice to sit down and listen to an album and share my thoughts. Hopefully will be able to continue into the coming years. I hope to get at least a review a week out on Christcore. I know I’ve said that a lot but I’ve finally found the time. I hope to share my opinion on the ever changing CCM scene as we go into 2014.

Back to the album Family Force 5 and their remix partners did a great job on this album. I know it has done very well on the market and it will probably continue because who doesn’t like to dance and do the wobble the chainsaw and the zombie! Anyways Family Force 5 is doing their best at what they do which is create catchy dance-fueled music. I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. So get out on the dance floor and crank up the FF5.

4/5 Stars: Purely fun dance music.

Brian Morrissette