PVRIS’ “White Noise” is hauntingly memorable

There aren’t many impressive female-led bands out there, and let’s face it… Paramore is a tough act to follow. With the release of their debut record White Noise, Massachusetts-based band PVRIS (pronounced Paris) sets out to fill that void in a refreshing but familiar way.

PVRIS made history as a Rise Records artist due to being the first and only female-fronted band signed to the label. As their debut album, White Noise shows off the band’s talents and promising future. Lyndsey Gunnulfsen (“Lynn Gunn”, vocals) is the real gem whose passionate voice rouses the singer in us all. Her vocals mesh seamlessly with every song and plunge the listener into the emotions of each word.

Since Gunn stands out as the most impressive aspect of the band, the music becomes an afterthought that largely supports the vocals. Still, one must credit the band, as a whole, for compiling a slew of songs that balance both. The music is heavily influenced by added effects and sounds that fill out the atmosphere of each song, but unfortunately any shred of true musicianship is lost in the mix of all of these things.

Overall, White Noise is a great debut for this rising artist. The majority of the album is a nonstop ride of haunting melodies and holds a certain nostalgia factor. Though the last couple of songs lose my interest, some aspects of the music and vocals remind me of Paramore’s golden days. In a way, one could say that PVRIS is the “new age” Paramore for a younger generation that didn’t have the privilege of seeing MTV in its prime. While PVRIS is lacking a certain quality that makes them stand out, there aren’t many bands as impressive, and that is reason enough to give them a listen.

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Anthony Ibarra
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