Professional Rapper

I got exactly what I wanted with Professional Rapper. In the past I’ve had sounds in my head that I can’t describe and for this album we kept tweaking over and over again until I got them. My personality really shines through on this album.” – John Reuben

This is exactly what you can expect on Reubens new album Proffesional Rapper. I had the opportunity to listen to this album and I absolutely loved it. Its fun giddy real and amazing. Each song has its own originality and unique style. His single “Move” is just a taste of the album. What better way to kick off a cd than with a song called Move? Each song shows style and talent in John Reubens personality. With every track you can expect a story told by John and the way his life and imagination works. Sometimes with humorus lyrics mixed in with the beats that make you bob your head will surely keep you entertained.

This album is deffinetly a hot buy of 2004. By the end of this year you dont have this album I gaurantee you will regret. I suggest this cd to anyone who listens to real hip hop to anyone who wants a good time to anyone who wants to hear a story to anyone who wants to laugh but most of all. I suggest this album to all who want to hear amazing music.

Guest Writer