Plays Dead In Stereo

Musical culture, It’s meant to be in place to be enjoyable and to be enjoyed and to be
different then the next thing in one way or another. The Redemption Song is enjoyable
and is NOT the same as everything else. Plays Dead in Stereo is something that is loose, intense, catchy, and fast, with an urgency. It’s brutally agressive, anthemic(although not overdone), energetic, and is just a great batch of metallic hardcore with a lot of punk stomping. Ok, imagine this, a kind of music that is always moving, that’s totally danceable, and is teeth grinding”. Bands like Showbread The Refused AFI and Comeback Kid will sound somewhat similar to TRS yet at the same time TRS isn a shadow of these bands. Playing their own style that adds many different hooks and “themes” from various types of music(for example: breakdown punk oi punk) and is fronted by an anthemic and agressive hardcore styling that is somewhat metallic. TRS is a christian band although their meshing of lyrics is catered to the circles outside of christian music It’s truthful and very relevant. Talking about how easily people can get hurt about sticking together struggles that people will face and showing that there is a deeper meaning to life.

What Plays Dead in Stereo isn :
-It’s not your run of the mill screamo It’s not a drippy and sappy alternative to intense
hardcore and It’s not a copycat.

What Plays Dead in Stereo is:
-It’s fun danceable/moshable energetic intense impressive and something that’ll knock people off of their feet something that’s like a breath of fresh air that’s necessary and will get people moving in way or another.

Guest Writer