Pioneer (formerly called News From Verona) is a self-defined American rock n’ roll band. Immediately I thought “I’ll be the judge of that!” I’ll get back to that later on. For now I’ll fill ya in on how Pioneer came about. In the middle of 2010 News From Verona released an EP titled All I Know is I Know Nothing. News From Verona then signed to Eden Record; in turn Eden became Slospeak records and News From Verona turned into Pioneer. Whoof… that was a mouthful. So now Pioneer is signed to Slospeak Records and is going to be releasing a self-titled LP.

Back to the American rock n’ roll thing I mentioned above: When I first started listening to this album I thought “This isn rock n’ roll”; it is just some okay pop/rock. Then around the eighthtrack “Long Way Home ” this album kicks it up a notch and becomes a real American rock n’ roll album. After listening to the back half of Pioneer I pretty much decided to disregard the first half of the album and give the back half a strong listening. That is where it looks like all the good music is on this record. It just seems like the first half is filled with too many ballads and that the second half has the right mixture of both. I Don’t feel like there is much else to say about this point.

Pioneer is more of an average pop/rock band. They take their ques from Reliant K House of Heroes Ivoryline. This isn’t to say that they are bad but that they are pretty average when put up to Reliant K and Ivoryline. I think that with a couple more years or so of playing this band could come out with something worth really writing about.

All in all this record isn bad but it sure isn great. Nothing really stands out. After totally listening to Pioneer I know there is a good record in there–It’s just the “where” that alludes me somewhat. I think if you are a fan of pop/rock (not American rock) you will find something to enjoy. If you are like me and am expecting a different unique album every time I would say to look elsewhere. Well I Don’t want to beat a dead horse with a hammer too long so yeah… it is up to you.

3/5 Stars: Good but not great or original.

Brian Morrissette