When I review a record I can’t help but compare it to past and present material of other bands in the same genre.  This is what happened with me and Everything in Slow Motion’s latest album, Phoenix. Phoenix came out the same day another Facedown Records band, My Epic, released Behold. I even downloaded them both at the same time. It was hard to pick which one to review first. In the end it came down to which one I liked the best. The clear winner for me was, metal band, Everything in Slow Motion.

* Side note: There will be a review coming soon for My Epic’s Behold soon.

Phoenix has arisen from the ashes of the band Hands, which makes it a good title for EISM’s first full-length.

Everything in Slow Motion is a one-man band comprised of Shane Ochsner.  This album also features the easily recognizable vocals of Blindside’s Christian Lindskog on “Speak” and the angelic Holly Ann on “Proxima.” These two vocalists lend their input into this album, bolstering EISM’s credibility. These songs stand out from the rest and add a unique flavor to the overall feel of the album. Vocalist Shane has not changed much since Hands’ album Give Me Rest. To this day he is still one of my favorite vocalists in Christian metal. Vocally this album is strong, with the rest of the music falling in line. Shane’s clean vocals soar, while his gut-wrenching screams show his raw passion.

This album is a keeper. It is an amazingly well-crafted metal album.

Phoenix brings back the straight forward hardcore of Hands’ album Creator coupled with their more atmospheric release Give Me Rest. These two elements make this Shane’s best release yet.

When an album finishes I’m usually left wanting more; not so with Phoenix.  The lyrics are all very powerful and raw with tons of emotion. The guest appearances are just cherries on top of a delicious metal sundae.  Incredible work was done on this record.

Brian Morrissette