Parade of Chaos

(I listened to this album about 23 times thru before i wrote this review.) Parade of Chaos is ZAO at their best! Those vocals by Dan Weyandt still amaze me everytime i hear them. They have become less like screaming, and more like an abstract way of speaking. Zao also added a new element, singing. This element seems to be something that ZAO needed, because it works so well on this album. Scott Mellinger has become a master of guitar. He wrote the guitar for this album, and he obviously does his best art by himself! Every song is amazing. Track 8 a Pirates Prayer” has the smoothest hardcore riffs you will ever hear. Jessie smith has toned down the style and sound of his drums from their last album “self titled”. The double kick pedals especially. That doesnt mean they arent good thou.. They fit the rest of the music perfectly! Jessie will always be an amazing drummer. I give this album my Highest approval!. I think it sets the mark for the quality level all hardcore bands should find. “Parade Of Chaos” is by far one of Zao’s best.

Criticism: The only song i dont like on this album is: “Free the Three”. The situation obviously made an impact in zao’s life and thats why they wrote a song about it however.. Even listening to the song makes me upset.


Zao is a great band. They’ve shown that time and time again. Even on this CD which is incredibly out-there and experimental they still rock. While I think this is one of their weaker CDs I’m still giving it a 8 because a weak Zao CD is still miles above most other stuff and hopefully that will never change.

I shouldn’t have to tell you that Dan Weyandt is good here; he always is. I shouldn’t have to tell you Jessie Smith does a great job on drums; he always does.

Unfortunately though the music is great this CD is a little hit or miss since the music isn always right in front of you to hear and love. For example I absolutely love The Buzzing Suspend/Suspension and the title track; but I find myself skipping over Angel Without Wings and Killing Cupid more than I listen to them. Free the Three is good but Man in the Womb and The Ballad of Buddy Bigsby are pretty much just filler. Note the pattern? It seems like for every good song on Parade of Chaos there’s another one that’s just there to extend the running time.

It’s a worthy effort but Parade of Chaos doesn’t match the level of timeless greatness as Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest Liberate Te Ex Inferis or even The Funeral of God.

It’s Zao so of course It’s a good CD and you should certainly listen to it. But if you’ve never heard Zao before get one of their greats and come back to this one later.

Guest Writer