Par Avion

High Flight Society is a four-piece band that started up in 2001. They released their national self-titled debut on Rocktown records in 2007. Par Avion was released independently in 2009 asa four-song EP. The band is made up of Jason Wilkes (Lead Vocals), Michal Packer (Guitar), John Packer (Bass), and Scotty Lockridge (Drums).

I picked up High Flight Society’s debut on a whim when it released and thoroughly came to enjoy their straight up heavy rock sound. The band showed talent musically, and Jason Wilkes had some powerful rock vocals. The combination of both gave the band an exciting, dynamic sound. Par Avion not only delivers what the High Flight Society brought on their debut but they havealso matured, with their sound developing and evolving.

The album starts off with the track Give It Up ” which is a driving rock track. It also has a touch of electronica thrown in which makesfor a really nice backdrop to the straightforward rock. The theme of the song is taking the time to care for those that are around us hurting and who desperately need our love. This song shows us the need to break out from the norm of the world andto show these people the love of Christ.

“Inhaling A Bullet” keeps up the rock even getting a little heavier than the previous track. This song talks about how our words are a dangerous tool and how they can hurt someone deeply. The theme fits perfectly with the heavier instrumentation because this is nowhere near a light theme. In my opinion this is the strongest track both musically and lyrically. This song has some great rock riffs and a pretty nice guitar solo.

“Run From Yesterday” is much in the vein of the previous two tracks. The song also has an engaging rock sound and powerful message. This song talks about how we have all done things in the past that for which we aren’t proud things that we would like to change. The fact of the matter is we can’t change them. We can leave them behind however and move on to what God has planned for us instead of allowing those mistakes to become a barrier betweenus and God.

“Come On Sister” wraps up this EP as the one track that doesn’t bring the rock. This instead is a well-crafted acoustic ballad that shows us a different side of the band. This song also has a powerful message that is for girls who find themselves in an unhealthy or bad relationship and how those relationships can sometimes change a person. This song has an encouraging tone that pleads for them to come home back to what they once knew and come back for help to rebuild themselves from that bad relationship. The fact that this song was written off what Jason had been trying to communicate to his own sister makes this really personal and an even better track because of it. It’s nice to see this side of the band because this is the first time we’vebeen ableto see something so stripped down and really open. It’s quite fitting for Jason Wilke’s vocals and the band pulls this off really well allowing for a fitting close to the album.

Now while all of these tracks are really strong and make for an enjoyable EP this is over WAY too quickly. I was ready for more tracks after this 12-minute EP wrapped up. But we do getfour really great tracks and can see how the band has grown since their 2007 debut. Musically and lyrically this is a very strong EP. This is a talented young rock band that has a long road in front of them but they have the potential to make it big and hang with the rest of the Christian rock crowd. High Flight Society is made up of a talented group of musicians whose music is filled with their love for Christ. The heart of the band is ministering to people with their songs to help change lives through the love and power of Christ. I look forward to the next release from these guys.

Be sure to check out the Par Avion EP that is available for free download from the band at Noisetrade —

Guest Writer