Palisades’ “Mind Games” combines pop and hardcore effortlessly

With the ever-evolving nature of music, it often becomes uninteresting with the repetitive use of mainstream tactics. Though Palisades employs some of these same tactics, their music proves to be anything but uninteresting. As a follow-up to their debut full-length album Outcasts, Palisades’ Mind Games is an effortless fusion of pop and hardcore elements, featuring artists like Garret Rapp (of The Color Morale) and Blackbear.

Palisades creates an innovative form of dynamism by combining the hardcore elements of artists like Issues and Like Moths to Flames with the soulful and melodic vocal styles of others like Tyler Carter (Issues) and Matty Mullins (Memphis May Fire). Songs such as “Mind Games feat. Champs” have climaxes that resemble EDM (electronic dance music) with a bouncy and electric “drop” mixed in. The noticeably excessive use of electronics is a trademark sound that Palisades is known for, but this provides little room for true musicianship from members Matt Marshall (guitar), Xavier Adames (guitar), Aaron Rosa (drums), and Brandon Sidney (bass).

In truth, Palisades continues to be a vocally-driven band centered around frontman Lou Miceli. His talents are best shown by his seamless shifts between catchy choruses and weighty screams. Bass player Brandon Sidney is also featured alongside Lou Miceli in tracks like “No Chaser” and “Mind Games.” Their collective efforts and velvety voices are perfectly balanced by the music in a way that rivals the R&B styles of Justin Timberlake and Usher.

There’s a difference between giving up
And knowing when you’ve had enough
Maybe I’m addicted to you because the best kinds of drugs are other people like us
I found out the best kinds of drugs are people just like us

Mind Games is a perfect example of how music has evolved in recent years. Palisades provide an energetic atmosphere in most songs that urges the listener to jump and sing along. For fans of Issues and Jamie’s Elsewhere.

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