Pain is Honest

Future Destination records put this comilation out in May this year. It has all their bands and a few from Blood and Ink records and other various labels. It consists of some great EMo, Emo-rock, and some REALLY good hardcore. FDrecords has some great emo bands on their lineup and this compilation is the best way to see that. Here is the Track listing:

01. The Apprentice – Fatima (Unreleased)
02. The Apprentice – Promises Broken, Promises Fulfilled
03. Neutral Agreement – Bleed The Spirit
04. Neutral Agreement – The Motive
05. The Redemption Song – MIA
06. The Redemption Song – Black Streets (Demo)
07. Farewell to Fashion – Here Today
08. Farewell to Fashion – Drama Revenge
09. Jeremiah’s Grotto – Now Or Never (Unreleased)
10. Jeremiah’s Grotto – What Can I Do?
11. Frauenfeld – Breakdown
12. Frauenfeld – Days Pass (Unreleased)
13. The Audible Campaign – Gratitude
14. The Audible Campaign – Tired of Living to Die
15. Fairweather Fan – Left For You
16. Fairweather Fan – This Time I’ll Get It Right
17. Blessed by a Broken Heart – Serial Thriller
18. Blessed by a Broken Heart – Some Kind of Wonderful
19. Foreknown – Barrel of a Gun
20. Foreknown – No Guns, No Roases, Just Axl
21. Thunderball Fist – The Size of A

Blessed by a broken Heart has some crazy hardcore. I have never anythign like it. I loved them, Foreknown is really good also, I am excited about their upcoming release on Blood and Ink, November 23.

Overall this is a good compilation and I think it is worth the $5.00. There are a few songs that aren’t so good but out of 21 tracks Id say that is good. It is a good way to see if you like any of the bands and see if you wanna buy their whole album.

Guest Writer