Last year there were so many metal releases by Facedown Record that I had forgotten to review a couple. One of these releases was Altars’ EP Opposition. Altars are a hardcore band out of Colorado Springs, CO. They signed to Facedown’s imprint label Strike First Records and released their first EP on July 19. They were originally called Monuments, but before signing to a record deal they switched their name to Altars.

Altars’ style is similar to those of Overcome’s fast-paced, old-school hardcore and From Tomorrow’s techno metalcore. The passion for music these guys have just bleeds through onOpposition. The one downside is that the music isn altogether original or new. On the upside, the main screamer, Mike Searle, leads the rest of the band in passion. His vocals are up to snuff with the rest of the hardcore industry standards. I also like how he mixes in some staticy clean vocals.

For their first album, Altars show they have a successful future in the hardcore scene. The one bummer is that this EP only lasts a little under 15 minutes. By the end, I wanted some more music from them. Hopefully by the end of this year we will be seeing a proper debut full-length from Altars. Until then, Opposition will have to tide us over. This EP doesn’t escape without having a few mishaps; one in particular is that the music isn always cutting-edge, showing how young this band is.

3/5 Stars: Great debut EP from a young band still developing their own sound.

Album Length: 14.7 Minutes

Track Listing:

1. Opposition

2. Advocate

3. Severance

4. The Struggler

5. Heresy

6. Volition

Brian Morrissette