Of Love and Lunacy

I first heard Still Remains a year ago when they were touring with Haste the Day. I picked up their cd at their show and was heavily impressed. Their blend of melodic singing and keyboards with metal is phenomenal. I expected this release to be awesome and it came out pleasing to mine ears.

The cd opens with “To Live And Die By Fire? and it is the best song to open the album with. It is right in your face and doesn’t let off. The whole cd feels like that. The songs are over 3minutes each and some reaching over 5. This isn’t a short cd like a lot of new releases.

Finally breaking away from the breakdown feast of metalcore albums. Still Remains sticks to more melody than tuff guy stuff. Most choruses are sung, and the fricken keyboards are tearing it up all over. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t your technocore, the keyboards add more of an epic, goth feel than any form of techno.

Two songs from their first release are redone and put on here. “I Can Revive Him With My Own Hands? and “Recovery?. Both of these are better than their previous and show how the band has matured over the year.

This is an amazing album. You can pick it up though RoadRunner Records.

Guest Writer